The Caterer Allergens Webinar

It may have been two years since the implementation of Natasha’s Law in October 2021, but the topic of correctly labelling allergens on pre-packaged foods is as important as ever for those working in the food industry. There are two million allergy sufferers in the UK, and studies show that the number of people living with allergies is rising by 5% every year.

Customer safety is a vital component of any successful operator. And while the all-too familiar ‘any allergies?’ question is how servers can help ensure the safety of those dining-in or making takeaway orders, for food that is pre-packaged, it all comes down to how clearly the allergens are listed.

All operators in England who produce food that is pre-packaged for direct sale (PPDS) to customers on-site must clearly label food with potential allergen information that is presented in a way that customers can tell at a glance what they’re about to eat.

In the two years since the law was introduced, all businesses that prepare PPDS food have had to update operations to create adequate labels to comply with the new law. And there is even potential further legislation on the horizon, such as the campaign for Owen’s Law, which could impact menus if introduced.

On almost the second anniversary of Natasha’s Law, The Caterer and Brother are hosting a webinar to discuss the challenges faced by operators and how to simplify compliance to ensure customer safety and business efficiency.

Topics covered include:

  • What Natasha’s Law is, why it was introduced and rules for compliance
  • How businesses can keep organised and simplify the food labelling process
  • How technology can help overcome the challenges of adapting labelling processes
  • Best practices and considerations beyond regulations
  • How to keep on top of ever-changing food regulations
  • The challenges operators have had to overcome since the introduction of Natasha’s Law


Emeline Gibert
executive development chef
Sodexo Live
Lizzie Henning
head of nutrition UK
Simon Brennan
senior end user client manager
Brother UK
Simon Clapperton
sales director
TPP Retail


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