The Caterer Plant-Based Summit

Whether it’s for sustainable or ethical reasons, or just a curiosity about a new trend, plant-based continues to be a booming industry. According to Bloomberg Intelligence the market could be valued $162 billion globally by 2030. And this explosive growth is already translating into hospitality, from plant-based meals popping up on menus to hotels providing vegan toiletries for guests. From “bleeding” plant-based burgers, pea milk alternatives and fishless fish, to a leather alternative made from pineapple leaves, today there is a wealth of opportunity for businesses to veganise their offerings. But in a crowded industry, where should operators focus their efforts in 2023?

Topics covered include:

  • What’s hot in the world of plant-based?
  • What trends are worth investing in?
  • How to market your plant-based product responsibly
  • How to integrate plant-based into fine dining


Sandy Browning
executive chef
Ka Pao
Ruth Carpenter
head of marketing
Pizza Pilgrims
Kirk Haworth
chef and co-founder
Irina Linovich
Holy Carrot
Sophie McCready
head of marketing
David Moore
Pied à Terre
Liam Nelson
Chantelle Nicholson
chef owner


Plant-Based Summit Agenda
Exploring the marketing potential of plant-based

With the plant-based market expected to continue skyrocketing, the opportunity is seemingly endless for operators, but with this potential comes a responsibility in the way the industry approaches plant-based products. This session will explore how best to market your new dishes and products to appeal to the widest possible audience.

In this session you will learn:

• How to build a reputation for plant-based products

• Is plant-based a cheaper option for operators?

• Are your products telling the right story?


Sandy Browning, executive chef, Ka Pao

Ruth Carpenter, head of marketing, Pizza Pilgrims

Irina Linovich, founder, Holy Carrot

Liam Nelson, co-founder, Pastaio

    Why we don’t charge extra for plant-based milks

    Plant-based ingredients and meals are becoming increasingly important to Benugo. This session details how it is making those vegan switches both easier for the business and the consumer, starting with not charging for plant-based milks.


    Sophie McCready, head of marketing, Benugo

    How to make plant-based dishes stand out on a restaurant menu
    Today, it’s difficult to create a menu without catering to vegan consumers. How can you make your plant-based offering stand-up to their meat counterparts. The last thing you want is your plant-based diners left disappointed and second to their meat-eating counterparts. How do you ensure your plant-based menus are as equally as exciting and worthy…

    In this session you will learn:

    • Inspiration for new plant-based dishes

    • How to make vegan dishes appealing to guests

    • Whether a separate vegan menu is the right approach

    • How to market your plant-based offering

    • How to get the balance right with costing your new vegan dishes


    Kirk Haworth, chef and co-founder, Plates

    David Moore, restaurateur, Pied a Terre

    Chantelle Nicholson, chef owner, Apricity

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