The Caterer People Summit

The 2024 People Summit will uncover how to ensure your employee experience is as rewarding and exciting as that which you deliver to guests. People experts and inspirational employers and employees will share their expertise with practical examples of how to better engage the modern workforce and build in productivity with a purpose. HR leaders will explain their strategies for building teams that are fit for the future, deploying the latest technology to boost productivity and ensuring that their people deliver exceptional results through reward, recognition, wellbeing and work-life balance.

In this summit you will learn:

  • How hospitality people leaders are re-shaping their recruitment, retention and engagement practices
  • The power of AI and the balance between managing human and technological manpower
  • Engaging and leading your people in an on-demand world
  • How to drive a wellness strategy that drives productivity gains
  • What best practices we can utilise from the top 30 Best Places to Work in Hospitality


James Appleton
director of talent acquisition products
Christian Berthelsen
chief technology officer
Esther Brittan
HR operations manager UK&I
Dan Brod
Beckford Group
Dawn Browne
people and talent director
Fuller, Smith & Turner
Jamie Campbell
director of learning – hospitality
The Access Group
Jenni Clarke
commercial director
Umbrella Training
Mark Costello
Aurora Foxes – The Aurora Group
Jon Dawson
chief people officer
Lore Group
Kris Hall
Burnt Chef Project
Jo Harley
Anna Haugh
chef owner
Myrtle Restaurant
Alex Head
CEO & founder
Social Pantry
Justin Johnson
HR director
Stephen Macintosh
hospitality coach & consultant
Stephen Macintosh Coaching
Martin MacPhail
HR director
RBH Hospitality Management
Patricia Mahon
general manager
Hilton London Kensington
Liz McGivern
vice president people and culture
Red Carnation Hotels
Marta Mendiondo
head of immigration
RWK Goodman
Andrew O'Callaghan
people director
Adele Oxberry
chief executive and founder
Umbrella Training
Hannah Swarbrick-Done
head of people
Big Fang
Chantal Wilson
people director
N64 Arcade Bars



James Stagg, editor, The Caterer

Ripping up the rule book: Redefining workplace culture

In a session designed to challenge the orthodoxy, Chantal Wilson will explain why she believes we should rip up the rule book when it comes to workplace culture. The people director at N64 Arcade Bars will provide her philosophy for creating meaningful roles that make work fulfilling. She will address how to make the job worth doing every day, the nano moments that add up to make a positive employee experience, and why no job should be a bad job.


Chantal Wilson, people director, N64 Arcade Bars

Beyond the screen: rethinking kitchen culture in hospitality

There has been a raft of films and TV shows that have put the commercial kitchen at the heart of the drama, including the likes of The Bear, Boiling Point and The Menu. Although these films show the skills and camaraderie required in a professional kitchen, they also expose the short tempers and long hours many businesses have tried to steer away from in recent years.

In this thought-provoking panel discussion chefs and hospitality HR leaders will dissect the cinematic portrayals of the kitchen and ask how the industry can harness this publicity to promote careers. Our panellists will share their own insights into creative recruitment and discuss how kitchens can be a place of positive change.

In this session:

  • How to promote a positive and supportive kitchen culture.
  • Have changing societal attitudes toward work-life balance and mental health influenced the hospitality industry?
  • How to address the mental and emotional toll associated with the high-pressure world of professional kitchens.
  • Creative ways to communicate advancements to potential future workers to encourage people to embark on a career in the kitchen.


Dan Brod, co-founder, Beckford Group

Kris Hall, founder, Burnt Chef Project

Anna Haugh, chef owner, Myrtle Restaurant


Sophie Witts, news editor, The Caterer

Flip the script: Turning hospitality turnover into talent triumph

Do you struggle to retain talented people? Hospitality can’t shake the high turnover stereotype, yet a happy workforce equals a healthy bottom line. Join Harri for a fireside chat about how the root of today’s labour challenges is high turnover, especially within the first 90 days. We’ll delve into the power of daily employee engagement, the key insights to help you drive retention, and how to empower managers to engage your workforce in order to drive profitability. This talk will cover:

  • How to get to the root of who’s ready to go and who’s ready to grow
  • Why focusing on retention is the key to labour optimisation and profitability
  • Engaging onboarding practices that keep new hires engaged in the first 90 days and beyond
  • Empowering your managers to foster a culture of continuous engagement where employees feel valued and heard

James Appleton, director of talent acquisition products, harri

Coffee break
Navigating the future: are robots going to steal my job? The balance between managing human and technological manpower

Unprecedented advancements in automation and artificial intelligence are leading all industries to question how technology will impact the way we work. The hospitality industry is no exception, employing technologies such as chatbot concierges and room service robots, as well as the unseen advancements of the software responsible for running any business smoothly. It’s integral that hospitality HR professionals keep abreast with technology changes and understand how to manage both humans and machines.

This session will unpack the ethical implications of integrating advanced technologies into hospitality: are robots set to replace certain job functions, and where can AI help with HR tasks, engagement and automation of core processes?

In this session:

  • How can hospitality leverage technology without compromising the warmth and personal touch it is known for?
  • Where can AI add value to core people processes and how can it be integrated?
  • What are the implications for HR? And what strategies can ensure a harmonious integration of humans and new technologies within the industry?


Christian Berthelsen, chief technology officer, Fourth

Jon Dawson, chief people officer, Lore Group

Martin MacPhail, HR director, RBH

Hannah Swarbrick-Done, head of people, Big Fang


Caroline Baldwin, deputy editor, The Caterer

Fulfilling employee needs: Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to guarantee employee satisfaction

Are you considering every factor that plays a part in your employees’ satisfaction? Many of us prioritise reward, recognition and opportunity for progression; but what about the boxes that we need to tick off before we get there? Here Jamie Campbell, director of learning at Access Hospitality, uses Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to help you identify what you should prioritise, what you might be missing, and ultimately, how you ensure you’re fulfilling your team’s needs.

This session will cover:

  • An overview of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and how it applies to people management in hospitality
  • Prioritisation: nice to have vs the must haves
  • Identifying the weaknesses in your business
  • The top things employees are looking for in 2024


Jamie Campbell, director of learning, Access Hospitality

Embracing diversity: Employing people with disabilities

People with learning disabilities can bring exceptional talent to a hospitality business. One business that has already realised the potential of this resource is Hilton, which hires people with learning disabilities across front office, kitchen, food and beverage and revenue management. In this session the hotel group will explain how it has partnered with Foxes Academy to support people with learning disabilities to enter the workplace.

In this session:

  • The benefits of embracing inclusivity.
  • How to adapt your hiring process to instil confidence in applicants with a learning disability.
  • How to carve out relevant roles and put reasonable adjustments in place to ensure your new recruits gain the most from their employment.


Esther Brittan, HR operations manager UK&I, Hilton

Mark Costello, principal, Aurora Foxes – The Aurora-Group

Patricia Mahon, general manager, Hilton London Kensington


Jungmin Seo, reporter, The Caterer

Unlocking potential: how hospitality can help ex-offenders

This session will delve into the untapped potential of prison-leavers, showcasing the positive impact they can make in the hospitality industry. Alex Head, founder of Social Pantry, challenges the preconceptions of hiring ex-offenders and has paved the way for a more inclusive and compassionate workforce, while helping to rebuild lives and reduce reoffending rates. She will explain how 10% of her workforce now consists of ex-offenders, who have taken roles from chefs to baristas, as well as how she opened its first café behind bars at HMP Feltham. In this session she explains the benefits of hiring ex-offenders to both the business and employee, while taking some time to hear from an ex-offender about how their life has turned around after being offered a second chance.


Alex Head, founder, Social Pantry, plus special guest

Crafting excellence: navigating HR leadership in hospitality

When looking towards an unpredictable future for the hospitality industry, the people team has never been more important. This panel will bring together HR leaders and industry visionaries to explore the challenges and innovations that are shaping people management in the ever-evolving hospitality landscape. Our speakers are at the forefront of creating a people-centric future for the industry and will delve into the strategies, trends and transformative approaches that define excellence in HR leadership for the sector now and in the future.

In this session:

  • How can HR leaders attract, identify and retain top talent in a competitive industry?
  • What are the key ways to foster a positive workplace culture that nurtures its people and creates environments where people can thrive?
  • How can operators champion diversity and inclusion in 2024 and beyond and create inclusive environments that celebrate diversity and empower all team members?
  • In the wake of global shifts in remote work and hybrid working, what strategies are HR leaders employing to ensure teams remain connected and motivated, regardless of their work setting?
  • How do industry leaders manage in times of crisis? And how do they support the resilience and wellbeing of both their teams and themselves?


Dawn Browne, people and talent director, Fuller, Smith & Turner

Justin Johnson, HR director, Elior

Liz McGivern, vice president of people and culture, Red Carnation Hotels

Andrew O’Callaghan, people director, Dishoom


Caroline Baldwin, deputy editor, The Caterer

How the updated skilled worker visa will effect your business

This spring the government is increasing the minimum salary required for a skilled worker visa in the UK by almost 50%, from £26,200 to £38,700. With 95% of the visas issued to hospitality workers in the year to June 2023 falling short of the higher threshold, the move is expected to dramatically reduce the flow of overseas talent into the UK hospitality sector.

The rise to the minimum salary for skilled worker visas will have far-reaching effects on hospitality's labour shortage. Join this session to hear an update of the changes.

In this session you will learn:

  • Most relevant changes in 2024 to date: new salary levels, higher fees, higher penalties for illegal working
  • Minimising the impact of a Home Office inspection: mock audits, compliance, reporting and document retention
  • Alternatives to sponsored skilled workers: Positive changes to the Youth Mobility scheme, student working hours allowances, postgraduates, ancestry, family visas and other dependants.


Marta Mendiondo, head of immigration, RWK Goodman

Prioritising health: The hidden cost of hospitality

Can working in hospitality be bad for your health? Coach and consultant Stephen Macintosh explains how certain behavioural traits in hospitality can damage your health over time. The executive coach, who has had a career in a string of high-profile restaurants, will share his philosophy for guiding hospitality professionals towards their peak performance and tips to reshape your business into a more nurturing and resilient space.


Stephen Macintosh, hospitality coach & consultant, Stephen Macintosh Coaching

Top 30 Best Places to Work in Hospitality analysis

Analysis of the key findings from the Best Places to Work in Hospitality survey, which will identify what makes a great employer. Our panel will explore what motivates hospitality employees and highlight organisations that are creating a happy, equitable workplace that offers a real sense of purpose for its people.


Jenni Clarke, commercial director, Umbrella Training

Jo Harley, co-founder, Korero

Liz McGivern, vice president of people and culture, Red Carnation Hotels


James Stagg, editor, The Caterer

Top 30 Best Places to Work in Hospitality revealed


Jo Harley, co-founder, Korero

Adele Oxberry, chief executive and founder, Umbrella Training


James Stagg, editor, The Caterer

Closing remarks

James Stagg, editor, The Caterer

Networking drinks reception


30 Euston Square



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As industry-leading experts, Umbrella Training understands how important it is for employers to maximise return on investment, while implementing new, sustainable, and highly sought-after training and apprenticeship programmes.

Founded in 2012 by Adele Oxberry, the company works with hotels, restaurants and foodservice businesses across the UK, as well as banks, financial institutions and other corporate organisations. Since its inception, Umbrella Training has supported the recruitment, development and progression of more than 2,000 apprentices. It was the only apprenticeship provider to be presented with the prestigious Princess Royal Training Award in 2020, and is recognised as a GOOD provider by Ofsted (with nine out of 10 learners achieving lifelong learning and sustainable employment). Through its dedicated teams, the company ensures that both employees and employers grow and succeed.

Korero supports organisations who put their people first, empower their leaders and have a strong, values led culture driven by data. We’re redefining traditional reviews by providing a platform for your people to have the right conversations at the right time. Allowing you to:

  • Replace outdated annual appraisals with regular catch-ups
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